Serving Our Church


Our Welcome Team do just that, they offer a very warm welcome to visitors and regulars alike every Sunday.

They have a warm friendly approach to all who come to church and make people feel at home.


Join us from 10.30 am onwards on a Sunday morning and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and fellowship before the Morning Service at 11.00am.

Every Sunday, sit back, relax and let our catering team serve you tea and coffee as you enjoy fellowship with God’s family.

Fellowship is an extremely important part of our church life and we are very grateful to all who volunteer in this team to come early and stay late which makes it a success.


Our Sound team look after all things audio during services and events at Victory Praise. This includes making sure our Worship Team sound their best, looking after the needs of any speakers and controlling the audio feed for our online stream.

They are a fantastic team of people to work with and a real asset to us at Victory Praise.


Our AV team man the screens during all events and services at Victory Praise, with excellence and enthusiasm.

The team displays the song lyrics on the main screen and on our foldback screens that are designed to make life easier for our Worship Team. They also cue any videos, images or slides that are needed to give all in attendance the best possible church experience. The team also run our online stream, allowing us to broadcast our services around the world on YouTube.


Praise & Worship is at the centre of everything we do here at Victory Praise and our Worship Team is highly committed and very enthusiastic.

 They love music, they love to worship and they love God.